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Ultra Light Aircraft

When flying over the valley, near the Annapurna range, around the Fishtail peak one can have a heart-touching "Bird's eye view" of the most beautiful scenery of green forests and meadows, heavenly scene of lakes and rivers as well as the traditional Nepali villages far below on the valley and at the same time can enjoy a closer views of ever glowing and shining mountains just when swimming through the blue sky !!! It's not a mere imagination. If anyone wish, he can have all this, indeed. Dream comes true. one can fly-high like an eagle. He can soar-high in the air. He can embrace the clouds and can have a closer glimpse of white Peaks. 

Ultra light aircraft offers spectacular views of the lakes, mountains and villages. The choice of the Pokhara Valley for ultra – light aircraft is appropriate chiefly because of the proximity of the mountains and the scenic lakes, and marvelous landscape. Flight service begins from September to June from the Pokhara airport. The sunrise flight starts from early morning to 11 a.m. and sunset from 3:30 p.m. onward every day during the operating months.